SharaLee, the right contemporary singer shares her story
SharaLee, a Canadian Soul singer-songwriter, has known she was born to sing ever since the age of five. With her mom singing harmony, she truly lived up to her namesake, Sharalee Lucas, the 80’s Christian Contemporary singer on that stage.
However, as SharaLee’s music style continued to evolve, her voice blossomed into a soulful soprano. Despite being reminiscent of Toni Braxton and Anita Baker, her voice is infused with her own uniqueness.
As a musician, SharaLee has never feared exploring new and unfamiliar genres. From country singles like “Lovi’n A Good Man Tonight” and Contemporary Christian tunes like “I Run To You” to an R&B/gospel song called “Together Again”, her vast and varied discography reflects her experience and skills.
Of course, SharaLee’s ventures have allowed her to work with and learn from several industry experts. Vancouver producer Mike Nowak of Saga Recording Studio, Canadian music veteran Norm Robidoux, and songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (who worked with Grammy-award winner Betty Carter) are among some of the most talented professionals she has worked alongside.
SharaLee is also no stranger to having her music heard by huge crowds. Her singles, “Lovi’n A Good Man Tonight” and “I Run To You” (written by Anita Cantrall), found their way into popular compilation albums. The latter was even picked up by a distributor and played on Christian radio stations across America.
Her latest releases, “Dejavu”, “Rescue Me”, and “Love Not War”, all deal with subjects and struggles people around the world go through. From painful love to dealing with guilt to loving God, oneself, and others, SharaLee uses her soulful voice to convey these beautiful messages to one and all.
SharaLee has proverb her versatility as an artist by taking every opportunity to venture into unexplored genres, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her work with skilled industry professionals has also helped her hone skills and find a sound that is truly hers. She is consistently improving her skills, including studying music licensing mentorship. She knows she has the voice, and she knows she has the words. With her strong faith in God as an inspiration, the artist is set to continue growing by leaps and bounds.